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Annual Review - 2016

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Vocational Training

Computer Centre

The children from 6th standard to 12th standard attend our computer centre.  They are taught typing, key board operation, mouse navigation, painting, etc so that they become familiar with using computers. We currently have 10 new computers and 1 new printer. We believe training in computers can be an important aid in helping the children to gain employment in the future. The children also really enjoy the information that the computers give them access to.

Tailoring Unit

So far 988 girls have completed their training and received certificates from our Miriam Tailoring Training Centre. The course is highly regarded amongst employers and so most of the girls who studied with us have gone on to make a living by getting jobs in the cotton mills or by making garments etc at home. We also have a mobile tailoring unit which trains girls in the villages. So far 408 girls have obtained certificates through this programme. 

Case study -1
I am Sariththa from Kannimarkoilpatti village. After completing my Higher Secondary studies I wanted to go for college studies but the impoverished condition of my family did not allow me to realize my dream. In that context I decided to undergo training in an income generating trade. I found out about RTU's tailoring unit which is stationed in a village with a set of sewing machine and accessories. The course is for 6 months giving the opportunity to learn sewing skills for women like me. I joined this training course in January 2006 under an accredited instructor. We are learning sewing, stitching dresses (ladies and children's dresses) embroidery, doll making, wire basket making etc.

At the end of the course we will be given a certificate. My plan is to get a loan from the bank and to start a readymade dress making unit in Periyakulam town.

External School Teacher Support

Case study -2

My name is Shobhana. I am 23 years old and a graduate in commerce. Soon after the graduation, on account of extreme poverty in my family, I was forced to find a job to substitute the income of my parents. When I heard that there was a vacancy for the post of an assistant teacher in the Adidravidar Primary school in our Sarathupatti Village. I applied for the post. This vacancy had remained unfilled for many years. I got a temporary appointment in this school in the year 2003 on condition that I would be paid Rs.500/- only per month.

Due to many years of poor maintenance, our school building was in a dilapidated condition. Bro.James Kimpton, the President of RTU, while passing this way visited this school. On seeing the pathetic condition of the school and the difficulties the children and the teachers are facing he promised to reconstruct the school building. He constructed the school building with classrooms, staffroom, office room, kitchen and toilets facilities. During this time he came to know that I was poorly paid in the school. Now Brother is paying me a regular salary with which I am helping my parents in maintaining our family. My family is grateful to RTU for the support it is extending to us.