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To make medical care accessible to the rural poor we built a well equipped clinic at RTU. Free medicines and consultations are available to those in our Children’s Villages and in the surrounding area, (serious cases are referred to specialists).  In addition to medical care we provide immunisation, dentistry, antenatal care and mother and childcare (MCC). 150 paitients use the clinic everyday in the morning. In the afternoon our clinical tean visits remote villages that do not have access to medicalcare up to 50 patients are cares for through this Mobile

Clinic. During the thirty years RTU has existed we have eradicated leprosy and polio from this area.

Clinical Service


Case study
My name is Panchavarnam. I am 22 years old. Four years ago I was married to Subbu of G. Kallupatti he was an alcoholic and an irresponsible man. He tortured me in an untold manner almost everyday. His torture being unbearable, I decided to commit suicide. I poured kerosene oil over me and set fire to myself. My mother, who was around the place, rushed in and extinguished the fire. I had burn injuries above the hip and on the left arm. On hearing about the incident the health staff of RTU hastened to my house with first aid assistance. After two weeks treatment at a local hospital I was sent to "Pasam Trust" Kodaikkanal for plastic expert surgery treatment. I have undergone surgery by German experts there to correct the burnt scar. After 4 months care and treatments. I returned home. Now I am living with my parents.
My father is blind and getting monetary assistance from RTU and my

mother is dumb.all my medical needs are attended by RTU clinic. I am now working in a textile mill as daily wage labourer and earning my livelihood. I am grateful to RTU for the timely assistance it has offered me during my great need.

Medical Check-up
All full-time school pupils have check-ups twice a year and preschool children three times a year.

Due to the increasing problem of HIV/ AIDS we also provide tests in our laboratory, help the patients get the free treatment the government provide and refer them to our counsellors.