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Home Sponsorship

We respect and promote the responsibilities, rights and duties of parents or persons legally responsible for the child. In order to enhance paretn and guardians to provide their children with the facilities needed for thier development, we support them financially. We have been giving monetary assistance to 452 poor families in 83 villages, to enabel them to care for their children at home and send them to school, instead of RTU admitting these children to one of our Children's Villages. 750 children are benefiting from this scheme. In this way the whole family benefits and the children are not instituionalised. One third of these children come from HIV infected families. Our assistance is a great support for the family to give good nourishing food to their children and to sen them to school.

To prevent HIV/AIDS among the youth we conduct "Adolescent Health Education" sessions for higher secondary school children.  We also provide counselling, healthcare and home sponsorship to those families affected by HIV/AIDS or if they are affected by other diseases like tuberculosis. The home sponsorship helps those unable to work, or unable to afford costly medical bills.





Home Sponsorship




Aids Home Sponsorship




HIV +ve Children


Case study -1
  Mala, who is 23 years old, lost her husband Raju to AIDS which left her in a helpless condition. After his death Mala was suffering from fever and diarrhoea. On hearing about her condition the Village Health Worker’s of RTU referred her to Jeevan Jyothi Hospital. She stayed in the hospital for 15 days and recovered. Her husband's relatives had however thrown her out and so she is now living with her parents at Bomminaickenpatti. She is getting a monetary assistance from RTU every month and is managing her food and other needs with this amount. She is now healthy and working as an agricultural labourer

Case study -2
Panju was married to Velu. They had two children a boy and a girl. Velu Kali died 8 years ago of tuberculosis. Panju was also a TB patient. Her condition became very bad and she was completely bedridden. RTU's Village Health Workers referred her to Arulagam Hospice. She stayed for 6 months and underwent treatment under DOTS. Her response to the treatment was very positive and she was completely cured of TB. Now she is going for work and is earning her livelihood

Case study -3
Kannamma, wife of Pandi, is from Bomminaickenpatti village. She is from a poor family. She had given birth to three children but only two survived. When she was pregnant for the fourth time she suffered from backache and swelling of her feet and hands. She had anaemia (iron deficiency). She had never attended antenatal care. The VHW’s of RTU identified her and brought her under the ANC programme. Her urine and blood were tested. She was referred to Leonard Hospital Bathalagundu for treatment. After the treatment she recovered. Two months ago she was referred to the government hospital where she safely delivered her fourth child, a boy. Both mother and the child are doing well.

Case study -4   
My name is Asha, 16 year old daughter of Pitchi and Saradha. My father is a daily wage labourer in a textile shop. My mother is bedridden. My father had to spend all his income for the treatment of my mother for the past 5 years. We were living in utter poverty. We had only one meal a day. When I was studying in 8th class, against my wish, my father stopped sending me to school. The responsibility of taking care of my sickly mother was given to me. I did this work for more that a year. During this period I came to know from a neighbours that RTU gives financial support. they promised my family Rs 750/ per 
month under the Home Sponsorship Programme on

the condition that I go to school. So I got the opportunity to go back to school. I had to do all the house chores before 8'o clock and then go to school. In the evening, after running home from school,   I worked until   10 pm in the house and after that till 12 pm on my studies. In class X, I scored the highest mark in our school in the Government Examination (441/500). This year I am studying in XI class. Biology and maths are my main subjects. I would like to become a teacher. Without the support of RTU I would have remained a drop-out, always working in the kitchen.

Case study -5
       I am Mayil wife of Irulappan of Kanavaipatti. I gave birth to my first-born son Parameswaran just one year after our marriage. We all in our family were very happy to have a boy as my first child. He was so precious to us. We were living happily with him but to our great sadness he was found to have a serious, life threatening heart defect. A heart surgery was the only means to save his life. The cost of the heart surgery was beyond our means. Due to prolonged drought we were already living an impoverished life. I went to RTU with my four month old boy and told my sad

story to Brother "thatha" (grandfather). After patiently listening to me he referred us to one of the best hospitals in Bangalore 360 kms away; with instructions that all bills must come to RTU. The doctors of Saibhaba Hospital did the heart surgery. The child was taken care of well during the surgery and the convalescing period. After 15 days the child was discharged from the hospital. The cost of the operation came around Rs.100,000. RTU kindly met the considerable expenses of my son's treatment. After returning home Parameswaran was in need of good care and nutritious food. To meet this need once again RTU came in with a monitory support of Rs.300 per month. With the generous support of RTU my son is now healthy and we are very happy too. I have no words to express my gratitude to RTU for this timely help.

Case study -6
I am Kannan from G. Kallupatti. I am 35 years old. I have a wife and two daughters. I was earning my livelihood by digging wells. Four years ago, while I was working in the well, a large piece of stone fell on my right leg. The sharp edge of the stone made a deep wound under my knee. On hearing about this RTU staff rushed to the spot and took me to hospital. I had to stay many days in the hospital and to undergo two operations. All the hospital expenses were met by RTU. After discharging from the hospital I was in extreme difficulty to maintain my family. RTU's support continued in many ways. It has constructed a new house for me and supported my children with Rs.500 per month for their education. I am perfectly alright now and am working as an agriculture labourer. I value very much the support given ssby the clinical department of RTU during my misfortune.